July 7


Office Hours recordings

By janet

July 7, 2024

In 2021, I created a Patreon page and my mother, Sue Willingham, and I started doing monthly live Zoom webinars at which Patrons could ask us questions about anything in our respective weaving wheelhouses. Mom and I have been teaching together in her studio for 15 years. She’s got more practical weaving experience than I and many physical samples that address patrons’ questions, while I bring weaving structure, theory, and drafting software expertise to the table.

The Patreon account was an interim measure until I launched a fully featured teaching website. When I first conceived the idea, my plan was to make Weaving With Janet Dawson that site but sometime in 2021 Tien Chiu and I decided to join forces and create the Handweaving Academy.

When the Academy site was officially launched in the fall of 2022, I stopped doing office hours through Patreon and started doing them at the Academy instead. I kept the old Patreon account so that former patrons could still watch the recordings if they wanted to, and now I am making them public so that anyone can watch.

You can find and watch these sessions on my Weaving With Janet Dawson YouTube channel.

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