Weaving With Janet Dawson

Are you tired of following recipes? Tired of getting results – or worse, not getting results! – without knowing why something works the way it does? Are you afraid to make changes to project instructions because you don’t know what will happen? Afraid to take on a project that’s outside of your comfort zone in fear it’s also beyond your capabilities?

You’re not alone, but I’m here to tell you: YOU CAN DO IT. You CAN understand, you CAN achieve, you CAN weave the cloth that you want and get amazing results without being dependent on others! What you need is solid information on which to base informed decisions rather than operating by guesswork.

“Good cloth, happy weaver.”

This is the mantra I teach by. My goal is always to provide information and options that allow YOU to decide best for yourself how to achieve good cloth and to enjoy yourself while making it. That means not only telling you how I do things, but how others do things differently. If I think something’s critical or something else is a bad idea, I’ll tell you that – but I’ll also support your choice to keep doing it if it’s essential to your happiness at the loom as long as you’re getting the end result you want.

Because this site is about YOUR weaving, not mine.

Weaving With Janet Dawson…


Gain the confidence and skills needed to transition from beginner to intermediate


Get clear explanations necessary to really understand how cloth works


Find curated collections of tools and supplies for your success

About Janet

I’m a weaver AND a teacher. I’m a writer AND an editor. I’m good at math and patterns, but also really good with words. Other folks are one or two of these things but the combination of them all is my superpower: I not only get this stuff, I can explain it well, and write about it clearly.

Using my facility with words and my experience teaching thousands of students online and in classes, I can help you feel confident that YOU CAN make educated, informed design choices that will produce good cloth because you understand what’s going on on your loom.

Why do I do this? Because I love making happy, confident weavers even more than I love weaving itself. Helping other people understand and enjoy all the parts of weaving – project planning and loom prep as well throwing the shuttle – is my favourite part of the whole business. I’m a theoretical weaver but an applied teacher and your success is my primary goal.

So let’s get to it!

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