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  • Converting tie-ups
    Have you ever woven a draft from a book and discovered that the woven design was on the bottom rather than the top? That’s not the end of the world, but it can be confusing and maybe even frustrating. What’s going on? Why does it happen? How do you fix it? Why does fabric weave… Read More »The latest from WWJD:
  • Tricks to use with’s new color editor
    First off, if you’re not familiar with, GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW. And then subscribe. It might be the best $25/year you spend in your weaving life – and it’ll only get better the more that Kris Bruland adds to the site. I use the Docs portal to the University of Arizona Weaving… Read More »The latest from WWJD:
  • Denting calculator
    Psst: if you just want the calculator and don’t want to even SEE any math never mind all the exposition, you can skip straight to it. Why a calculator? There are loads of denting charts online (often called reed or sett substitution charts) but in my opinion a chart just doesn’t cut it. For one… Read More »The latest from WWJD:
  • Quick and dirty tie-up ratios
    This is going to be a really quick post with one quick example of tie-up ratios ’cause folks have been asking for help and I want to get something online before the Live Q&A tonight. I hope to have time to come back and add more exposition to this later. The question is this: I… Read More »The latest from WWJD:
  • Deciding on a sett
    Once you’ve got experience with a particular yarn, it’s pretty easy to decide what sett to use for a new project. Want it firmer than whatever you’ve done before? Increase the sett. Want more drape? Open the sett up. Changing the tie-up to one with more or longer floats? Increase. Change to a structure with… Read More »The latest from WWJD:

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