Weaving With Janet Dawson

Overshot Departures

Are you bored with (or by!) overshot? 

Do you LOVE overshot and want even more justification for putting yet another (even longer!) overshot warp on?

Or do you just want to learn a dozen+ cool and useful ways to maximize your four shaft loom?

Then Overshot Departures is for you!

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Our departure gate is a traditional overshot threading and our first stops in Week One are the most common variations on the overshot theme: closely related to standard overshot with just a little change here or a little change there.

In Weeks Two through Four we'll venture farther and farther; by the end of our four week journey, your fabric won’t resemble overshot in the slightest. All without rethreading, resleying or even cutting off -- unless you’re too anxious to see your samples to wait!

Our route takes us through:

Double tabby
Shadow fashion
Woven on opposites
Double faced
Echo fashion
Italian fashion
Flame point
Petit Point
As Bronson, with one or two shuttles
As Summer & Winter, with one or two shuttles

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I am loving this class and learning so much. I’ve always been intimidated by overshot, and now I love it!

Anne Neville Stauffer 

Join the Overshot Departures updates list

Brilliant! That’s why I love the way you teach, Janet: You take what seems to be a complicated subject and boil it down, give it a shake and voila! ….. understanding where there used to be oatmeal!

Robyn Becker