Warp and Weft required calculator – Gorgeous Gradients

To use the calculator, first use the radio buttons at the top to pick your yarn and whether or not you’re using it doubled.

To calculate how much of a certain colour you’ll need for warp, enter the length of the warp (project specs say 2.5 yards) and the number of ends your plan requires of that colour. To calculate how much of a colour you’ll need for weft, enter the width of your warp (project specs say 10″) and the number of picks your plan requires of that colour.

Note: If you’re going shopping, it’s a good idea to add an extra 10-15% for security!

FYI: The cardboard cones that Lunatic Fringe yarns come on weigh approximately 1 oz. and the 4.25″ inch long cardboard spools from Brassard weigh about 0.5 oz.

For help with calculating the weight and yards of yarn you already have on hand, check out this blog post.

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