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2/8 Orlon®


100% Orlon® acrylic from Maurice Brassard in Quebec. 3360 yards/lb on 1/2 lb (227g) spool of 1680 yards. This shiny, smooth, lustrous high quality acrylic yarn is the acrylic I carry in the store and the only acrylic I use in my own work. Great for place mats, tablecloths, napkins, and anything washable. You can spill red wine on this stuff and it’ll wash out, seriously. Machine washable and dryable. My local guild uses this to weave lace tablecloths on our 90″ wide loom that wear like iron.It’s the same weight and size as Brassard’s 8/2 cotton and pairs well with it – either as warp with cotton as weft, or mixed into a cotton warp for a bit of shine here and there. Just don’t mix acrylic and cotton stripes, since they won’t take up at the same rate and you’ll wind up with seersucker!Recommended sett: 18-24


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