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  • 6/0 glass seed beads, 20g loose

6/0 glass seed beads, 20g loose


Large seedbeads — relatively speaking — these are also known as “Pony beads” or “E” beads. This is the perfect size to use on DK or sport weight yarn if you’re stringing them in advance, or on fingering weight if you’re adding beads as you go. It varies by colour, but there are approximately 14 size 6/0 Czech beads in a gram, so a bag of 20 is about 280 beads.


colour lined crystal/green metallic, dark rose rainbow matte, green silver lined rainbow matte, hot metallic pink, mandarine rose, oily green, raspberry roe, seagreen lustered mix, shiny turquoise – not pictured, silver lined crystal rainbow, silver lined gold, silver lined purple mix, teal green silver lined rainbow matte, transparent alexandrite, transparent blue matte, transparent blue/bronze, transparent bright pink rainbow ab, transparent chartreuse matte, transparent dark amethyst matte ab, transparent grey ab, transparent iris orange, transparent light aqua matte ab, transparent light green rainbow ab, transparent mauve rainbow ab, transparent pink lustered mix, transparent tanzanite, transparent teal green rainbow ab, transparent topaz matte ab

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