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8/2 unmercerized cotton


8/2 unmercerized cotton from Maurice Brassard – made right here in Canada! I use this yarn more than any other weaving yarn. Smoother and higher quality than other unmercerized cottons, this is what I use for almost all my tea towels unless I’m feeling linen-y. It washes easily, wears like iron, and doesn’t get argumentative on the loom. This cotton works well in combination with cottolin or with cotton/hemp. I use it with Brassard’s Orlon as well, but only when mixed evenly across the warp and not in stripes since they won’t take up at the same rate. It makes a GREAT warp for overshot sett at 16 EPI, or a great weft for overshot on a 16/2 cotton ground sett at 24 EPI.100% cotton. 3360 yards per lb (YPP); 1680 / 1530 m on each ½ lb, 227g spool.


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