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8/4 unmercerized cotton


This weight makes a soft but substantial fabric – good for heavy tea towels, bath towels in waffle weave, scarves, lightweight baby blankets, and much more. This is also a great weight for pattern weft in overshot or supplemental weft structure when woven on an 8/2 ground set at 15 or 16 EPI. 1680 yards per pound on 1/2 lb (227g) spools of 840 yards.Suggested sett: 12-16 EPI. NB: These pictures are of 8/2, not of 8/4, intended to show you the colour not the grist or texture of the yarn. Colours are approximate and may not appear the same on all monitors.


natural, bleached, bleu, bleu pale, brique, brun chocolat, cayenne, cerise, chamois, charcoal, crème, flax, framboise, fuschia, gris fonce, gris pale, jeans, lilas, lime, limette, limette pale, magenta, marine, mauve, mauve pale, noir / black, orange brule, peacock, periwinkle, rose pale, seaton, stone, taupe, teal, turquoise, vert emeraude, vert fonce, vert nil, vert pale, vieil or, vieux bleu, wine

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