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Knitters Pride Dreamz 4.5″ interchangeable needle tips


I’m not a big fan of bamboo needles since the tips tend to get splitty and catch your yarn after a while. I MUCH prefer these silky smooth birch needles from Knitters Pride. Although Chiaogoo stainless steel needles are stealing my heart in the small sock sizes, for anything over about a 3.5 these Dreamz are still my hands down favourite.The interchangeable system is great: buy the tips in the size you need and a cable in the length you need, and Bob’s your uncle. Need the same size but in a longer length? Just buy a new cord – no need to shell out for an entirely new needle. Need to switch to a larger or smaller size for the next row? Replace the tip you’re going to knit onto (the right tip) with the new size, knit the next row, then replace the other tip with the new size. Hey, presto!NB: These tips are 4.5″ long. They need at least a 20″ cable and even that puts a fair bit of tension on the joins. For best results, use 24″ and up. If you need shorter needles, check out the selection of 16″ and 10″ fixed needles instead.3.5 mm is the smallest size Knitters Pride makes as interchangeable because the connectors are at least that big. If you want smaller sizes, check out the selection of fixed circular needles instead.


US #4 – 3.5mm, US #5 – 3.75mm, US #6 – 4mm, US #7 – 4.5mm, US #8 – 5mm, US #9 – 5.5mm, US #10 – 6mm, US #10.5 – 6.5mm, US #10.75 – 7mm, US #11 – 8mm, US #13 – 9mm, US #15 – 10mm, US #17 – 12mm, US #19 – 15mm

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