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Knitters Pride Karbonz 24″ / 60cm fixed circular needles


Are you forever snapping the skinny little needles your socks are on? Or do you prefer metal to wood but find sock sizes tend to slide right out of your stitches? Karbonz are your solution!These things are super duper strong so you won’t snap them (even if you step on them, so tread carefully!), and the surface, though definitely not wood, has slightly more friction than metal. They’re also warm to hold rather than chilly like metal can be.24″ is my go-to length for knitting one or two socks on two circulars at a time. (Yes, that means you need two needles.)I’ve only got sock sizes in fixed needles. If you need larger sizes, check out the selection of interchangeable needles.


US #1.5 – 2.5mm, US #2 – 2.75mm

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