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Trailhead Cabot Trail 8/2 tencel


Most LYS see Cabot Trail from Trailhead Yarns as a beautifully dyed vegan laceweight for knitting. Me, I immediately think WEAVING! This is the same weight as the Brassard 8/2 Tencel I also carry and can be paired with those solids to make amazing warps. (Which of course means those yarns would be great for knitting lace, too.)There’s also a local angle: Samantha, the dyer behind THY, first started dyeing after a trip around Cape Breton’s very own Cabot Trail, hence the name of this yarn base. She’s not the first and won’t be the last to be inspired by the amazing natural beauty of our island!100% Tencel. 800 yards / 100g skein. Knitting tension: 10-12 sts/inch


After the rain, Bob's your uncle, Bora bora, China doll, Heads up prarie dog, JFK, Likin’ me some lichen, Pumpkin spice season, Sourpuss, Where did that come from?

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