Classification of threadings

So far, I have classified the threadings only according to size:

  • Small scale patterns with 50 or fewer ends per repeat
  • Medium scale patterns with more than 50 and less than 100 ends per primary design repeat.
  • Large scale patterns with 100 or more ends per primary design repeat.

These classifications were applied to the primary design elements, exclusive of borders, with some leeway.

Note that the size of Gertrude’s Fancy full threading repeat puts it into the large scale category, but that repeat is composed of the star and rose fashion of the same wheel. I have therefore categorized it according to the size of the individual wheel.

The threadings for which I have created (or will soon create) drawdown galleries are listed below.

If the name in the table below is a link, it leads to a gallery of drawdowns for that particular threading. The galleries aren’t all organized the same way yet, and some might not work properly all of the time – the tech is VERY touchy!

Small scaleMedium scaleLarge scale
BagatelleBlooming LeafKeep Me Warm Nights
Hoosier Tally HoGertrude’s Fancy*Blooming Leaf of Mexico

The tie-up comparison gallery includes the star fashion drawdowns for three different threadings: Bagatelle, Blooming Leaf, and Keep Me Warm Nights.

Other possible classifications

It would also be useful to classify the threadings according to other properties: the motifs of which comprise them, whether or not they are symmetrical, etc. These additional classifications may be added at a future date.

Rose fashion

For the purposes of the current comparison, only the star fashion tie-ups have been included in the comparative galleries. This choice was made largely due to technical limitations, but also to reduce the overall number of tie-ups under consideration.

The rose fashion tie-ups are identical to their star fashion counterparts apart from orientation. Although they are certainly pretty and interesting to look at, they don’t add much to the comparison of various tie-ups.

Some threadings have rose fashion drawdowns in their individual galleries. Others have only star fashion drawdowns.