WWJD Namedraft Generator [beta]

Returns a threading based on your phrase and chosen parameters.
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A weaving drawdown of an overshot namedraft for 'Duolingo'

'Duolingo' by odd blocks with an 'aeimqu' key, random multiplier of 3, treadled star fashion

Current parameters

Phrase: No Phrase Set (nophraseset)
Key: aeimqu1
System: shafts
Gaps: left in
Spaces: are ignored
Multiplier (not used for motifs): 1
Max float length: unlimited
Times to mirror: 0
Render as profile threading: no

Phrase to translate to namedraft threading

Phrase: No Phrase Set

System to use for translation

System: by shafts (default)

Assign each character to a specific shaft, as in traditional namedrafting, to a block beginning with either the odd or even shaft, or to a motif.

Key to use for translation

Key: AEIMQU (default)

Shaft 1 <--- aeimqu
Shaft 2 <--- bfjnrv
Shaft 3 <--- cgkosw
Shaft 4 <--- dhlptxyz ,.'"!&

Key rotation: 1

Shaft 1 <--- bfjnrv
Shaft 2 <--- cgkosw
Shaft 3 <--- dhlptxyz ,.'"!&
Shaft 4 <--- aeimqu

Choose a mapping from character to shaft, block, or motif as shown above. Rotating the key shifts each group of characters to the next shaft, block, or motif in the list.

How to treat gaps in threading (by shafts only)

Gaps: left in (default)

In order to preserve the odd/even alternation required by overshot, gaps are inserted between any two adjacent odd or two adjacent even warp ends. Fill these gaps "up" to insert the next higher shaft into this space, "down" to insert the next lower shaft, or Leave the gaps in to fill them manually.

Ignore spaces in phrase

Spaces: ignored (default)

Decide whether to treat a space as a character and map it to a shaft, or to ignore spaces in your phrase entirely.

Maximum float length (not used for profiles)

Max float length: unlimited (default)

Limit the maximum float length when creating a structural threading by shafts. Note that these maximums may be exceeded at mirror points.

Multiplier and randomness (not used for motifs)

Multiplier: 1 (default)

Random: off

Expand the width of the threading by a factor of 2 or 3 (choose 1 to turn multiplier off). Turn random on to increase the width of each block by a factor of UP TO 2 or 3. (i.e. random 3 means blocks will be 1x, 2x, or 3x the usual width.) Max float length is applied after multiplication.

Note that turning random on means you'll get a different result each time you generate a new threading even if you don't change any parameters.

Number of times to mirror

Times to Mirror: 0 (default)

Truncate: off

Mirror your threading one or more times. For instance, 123 mirrored once becomes 12321 and mirrored twice becomes 1232123. This may override the max float length you've set.

When mirroring motifs, you may truncate the edge motifs so that just one copy of the motif appears at the mirror points rather than two.

Structural draft or profile draft (by motifs only)

Structural (default)

Choose whether to create a thread by thread structural draft for overshot or a profile draft that can be used with other weave structures.

Namedraft: nophraseset shafts aeimqu0 mult1 mir0 max0.dtx

    4   4                       4
  3               3       3      
2           2                    
              1       1       1  

Download previous version. (parameters have changed)

Namedraft Gallery

All of these threadings were generated with this generator; see the captions below the images for the system and key used.

All designs are treadled star fashion.