Weave-along Warp Required Calculator

Weave-along Warp Yarn Required Calculator

Once you’ve calculated how long your warp is going to be and what sett you’re going to use, you can determine how much of each of your four warp yarns you’ll need to complete the project. For our weave-along, you’ll be winding all four yarns together (or blending them together as if you did). That means that you need the same yardage of each of your yarns, i.e. one quarter of the overall warp yarn required.

Enter your custom warp length into the first field and move the slider to your desired warp width-in-reed. Then move the sett slider to the sett you decided on in Step 3: Determining Sett. The calculator will tell you how much warp you need in total and per colour.

If you don’t have enough of one or more yarn, you can adjust the width-in-reed slider downwards to see how wide you can make your scarf given materials on hand.

If you know what your yarns are, you can look up their yards per pound (YPP) in the Handwoven Master Yarn Chart. Enter that info for one yarn at a time into “Yards per pound” field above and the calculator will tell you how many ounces of that yarn you need.

Next up: calculating how much weft you need to weave the project!