Weave-along Weft Required Calculator

Weave-along Weft Required Calculator

The final calculation is how much weft you’ll need to complete the project. Again, start by selecting your desired width-in-reed and entering your chosen woven length. (Your finished scarf will be shorter after it’s taken from the loom and wet finished; how much shorter depends on how stretchy your yarns are, how much tension you applied while weaving, how much your yarns shrink in wet finishing, and how open your sett was, etc.)

The weft required depends on the width of your scarf and how closely you beat the weft into place. If your weft is about the same weight as your warp or finer than your warp threads, your picks per inch (PPI) will probably be similar to your ends per inch (EPI). If your weft is thicker than your warp threads, your PPI will likely be lower than your EPI.

Move the picks per inch slider up and down within a reasonable range of projected PPI to get a minimum and maximum amount of weft required.

If you know what your yarns are, you can look up their yards per pound (YPP) in the Handwoven Master Yarn Chart. Enter that info for one yarn at a time into “Yards per pound” field above and the calculator will tell you how many ounces of that yarn you need.

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